Sunday Morning worship

We believe that the intentional and disciplined practice of personal and group worship

is the best way to learn how to love God!   Our worship services are designed to help people, 

who live in a busy and messy world, hear the intimate and personal word that God has for

them through song, prayer, the reading of scripture, and through a message.   

You are invited to attend Sunday worship with us!  Come as you are!

  • 8:45 AM

    You are invited to join us as we gather in the Sanctuary at 8:45 AM for our Informal  Worship Service. The tone is casual with a more contemporary flavor using piano or keyboard and more modern worship songs that invite us to dwell in God's presence. There is a time of prayer and preaching as well. It's a great opportunity for Sunday worship, especially if you have a busy day planned with family or other activities.   This service concludes at 9:30.

  • 10:45 AM

    Join us for our Worship Service at 10:45 AM. In this worship experience, we gather and engage the scripture, enjoy both traditional and contemporary music, pray together and participate in the sacraments. This service features a Children's Time at the altar as well as an inspirational anthem by our Chancel Choir or featured soloists.   This service last 60 minutes.

  • Holy ComMunion

    The sacrament of Holy Communion is served during both worship services on the first Sunday of each month.  Everyone is welcome to experience and share in Holy Communion.

  • special services

    Our community of faith will gather together for Special Worship services on:

    -Christmas Eve:  December 24

    -Scouting Ministry Sunday:  February 9

    -Ash Wednesday:  February 26

    -Palm Sunday:  April 5

    -Maundy Thursday:    April 9

    -Good Friday:  April 10

    -Easter Sunrise Service:  April 12

    Everyone is welcome to worship with us! Come-as-you-are!  

  • praise team - 8:45 Am service

    Our 8:45 AM informal service Praise Team makes use of piano/keyboard and guitar and featured vocalists to help bring worship participants into the presence of the Lord.  If you play an instrument, or would enjoy adding your vocal talents to our group, then please contact the Church Office!

  • chancel choir - 10:45 AM service

    Our Chancel Choir meets on Wednesday evenings in the Sanctuary for reheasal beginning at 7:00 PM.  Come help us make a "Joyful Noise" (Psalm 100).