Messy Church is not like a Sunday morning service!

Messy Church is an interactive and inter-generational monthly worship Experience! 

What to expect

This experience will include crafts, games, music and FOOD to teach about Jesus!  This is an informal family-friendly worship where you can be yourself even if that means a little loud and a little messy!  Every month we will end our time together in fellowship with a meal. 

Dates and times


April 3rd

May 15th

June 5th

Donkey trail

HELP US find the 12 lost donkeys!!!  From March 6th to April 1st, our donkeys are hidden in businesses all over Crowley.  Head out to participating stores and look around for their donkey.  The trail does not have to be completed in one day! Enjoy this time as a family as you count donkeys together.  

Remember, donkeys can get spooked, so be careful in the stores not to frighten the donkey! We ask that kids are always accompanied by an adult while on the donkey trail. 

When you find all the donkeys head to Golden Chick where you will receive a free cookie and if you turn in your trail card you will be entered to win a grand prize basket!  

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