frequently asked questions

Here are a few of the questions we get asked by first time and returning worship guests.

  • What denomination is the first united Methodist church of crowley associated with?

    We are part of the global United Methodist Church. We are also part of the Central Texas Conference, led by Bishop J. Michael Lowry.

    -For a list of United Methodist beliefs, please click HERE.

    -For more information about the United Methodist Church, please click HERE.

  • What is the 8:45 Am service like?

    At 8:45 AM on Sunday's, we gather in the Sanctuary for a "come as your are" worship service. The tone is casual with a more contemporary flavor using piano, guitar, and modern songs that invite us into the presence of God. There is a time of prayer and preaching as well. It's a great opportunity for Sunday worship, especially if you have a busy day planned with family or other activities. 

  • what is the 10:45 am service like?

    At 10:45 AM our worship service is more blended, often contemporary and traditional worship elemets. We gather and engage the scripture, enjoy various types of music depending on the theme of the day, join in pray togther, and participate in the sacrament of Holy Communion (1st Sunday). 

  • what are the sermons like?

    Pastor Rick preaches with the singular goal of helping people learn how to make changes in their lives that help them drawer closer to God. Rick prepares each message with the goal of helping everyone connect in some way to our united mission and purpose of Loving God <> Loving Others <> and Serving the World.  

    Rick's style of preaching is easy going, informative, and challenging. He talks about the real life that each of us lives every day, and not the make-believe fairy tale life that so many people long for. Rick preaches that life is hard and not for sissies. The same can be said for faith! As a result, people are encouraged "not to check in their brains at the door!" Rick preaches in a style that helps people look deeply into their hearts and minds in an effort to connect in a real, individual way with God. 

  • What do i wear?

    You are welcome to come to worship with us wearing what you have, whether it's "business casual" or jeans and a t-shirt. We want your focus to be on worship and not on what you wear. You’ll fit in, no matter how you dress.

  • Where do I take my children?

    Your children are ALWAYS welcome to worship with you! We are working to make our worship services more family friendly. For those parents who desire an alternative, we provide: 

    -NURSERY – Nursery is located in the Fellowship Hall, which is on the opposite side of the Welcome Center as you enter through the north doors. We have an infant and toddler area and an area for 2, 3 & 4 year olds.  

    -SAFE SPACE – For those who may desire privacy for feeding or comforting babies, you are welcome to step into the Prayer Room at the back of the Sanctuary.

  • where is the church located?

    Our church campus, known as "Mission Central", is located at 509 Peach Street in the heart of Crowley, Texas. We are across the street from the Crowley Recreation Center and Library. We are also across the street from the Crowley ISD Administration Building. You can access the Mission Central Campus from Peach Street , Beverly Street or S. Oak Street. 

  • how can i become more involved or join the church as a member?

    If you are interested in getting involved or becoming a member of the First United Methodist Church of Crowley, Texas, then please feel free to contact us at 817-297-4530.